BJJ Battle Royale Tournament Software System

The BJJ Battle Royale is a virtual community of grapplers who want to document their competitive journey, have a non-biased, objective ranking system, and have a say in the direction of their sport. Built as a complete tournament management software solution, the BJJ Battle Royale consists of a fully responsive website and iPad app with features that cover everything from registrations, staff management, event marketing, weigh-ins, bracket building, scoring and more.

The BJJ Battle Royale was created to respect the competitor’s time, give a fair number of matches, and support a more satisfying competitor experience all around. The system was engineered with flexibility in mind and can accommodate different federations, affiliations, and scoring systems.

For Competitors

The BJJ Battle Royale supports and benefits the individual competitive grappler by providing a platform which starts off as a profile, featuring their picture, belt rank, no-gi level, division, ranking, and competition history. Individuals can also provide links to their FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and E-Mail accounts.

Competitors’ rankings are unique as they adjust automatically with each win and loss and starts fresh at each new competitive level.

Finding and registering for tournaments has never been easier. Competitors can browse a listing of tournaments through a responsive website that are pre-filtered to match their specific belt rank / no-gi level and division. Once an appropriate event is selected, competitors can purchase their brackets through the website and solidify their spot in the tournament.

During a tournament, real-time updates provide competitors’ progress to the rest of the world via the web site. The software allows for the most organized and simple weigh-in process ever seen. Brackets are organized and seeded fairly with one click, and will run smoother than anything previously seen. A soon-to-be released competitor app will allow competitors to track their bracket in real-time on their own phone.

For Tournament Organizers

For individuals interested in running their own Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / grappling tournaments, this turnkey BJJ tournament management software has them covered. It’s never been more profitable and fun to provide a superior competitor experience.

• Easy to set-up event marketing page

• Easy online registration

• Tournament check-in and weigh-in

• Automated bracket builder

• Intuitive tablet-based scoring system

• Match results / bracket updates as they happen

• Points, submission only, hybrid, single and double elimination formats available

• Find and assign qualified