Mobile Technologies

Mobile devices are ubiquitous. We’re bringing them to places and using them in ways that even recently may have been considered far-fetched or unheard of. Many people, seeing the writing on the wall, feel they need a mobile app perhaps without really knowing why they do.

The reality is, the people you’re trying to reach have likely already woven mobile technology into their professional and personal lives. They’re sharing, they’re broadcasting, they’re researching, they’re buying and selling. People will continue to do more, more often, and in more places using their mobile devices.

Mobile solutions often go well beyond the app itself, tying into numerous external data sources and server applications.  Phones, watches, and other wearables will integrate more deeply with one another, and with external systems. Our iOS developers possess the web, web app, database and server development skills needed to create a total solution

Since the release of the iPhone nearly a decade ago, Apple has led the way in the mobile space. Recognizing the strength of Apple’s market position, coupled with their incredible innovation, we’ve made the decision to invest heavily into our understanding of this platform. We build applications using Swift for the latest iOS versions. And we’re expanding our ability to tie the Apple Watch and Apple TV together with the iPhone and iPad, and exploring new ways that iOS can be used to support solutions that help our customers achieve their objectives.

Perigee Labs can help you identify where mobile technologies can improve the reach and effectiveness of your business, cause, or mission and engineer a solution to support it. Our systems approach, involving all key members of our multidisciplinary team and yours, will move your idea efficiently from the drawing board to the App Stores.

Our Mobile Process



Truly creative and successful apps are the result of fantastic ideas translated into superior user experiences (UX). A quality app will address the needs and usage patterns of it’s audience while holding their attention. Our highly skilled mobile app team will translate your concepts into an app experience that will engage your audience and build the brand loyalty you desire.


Requirements and Planning

App development benefits from a clear set of requirements spanning not only the app itself, but any external interfaces and server-side components. Our senior engineers leverage years of experience to trade-off and translate ideas into requirements, arriving at a product specification needed to execute within the budget available.


Design + Prototyping

User Experience (UX) is the key to a successful, long-running app derived from requirements, target audience feedback, anticipated use patterns and the most effective design paradigms. Our experience has shown many apps spend nearly 90% of development on the UX/UI and adaptive display – spending enough time during the design phase prototyping and validating design with audience is ultimately more economical.


Software Engineering

After architecting the app, our software engineering team leverages robust in-house code libraries to create the app framework, navigation structure, and animations appropriate for the solution. Server applications are developed in parallel to support the data requirements of the app solution using similar engineering practices.


Application Testing

We utilize iOS unit tests and powerful testing instruments to debug and validate app performance before releasing to the QA staff for application testing. Once our in-house QA staff is done testing and updates are incorporated we release the app for a Beta test period where users provide valuable UX and effectiveness feedback with little knowledge of the apps requirements.



App store deployment can be a logistical hurtle for the uninitiated, involving new marketing materials, appropriate app assets and the correct configuration of store accounts. We work with clients to get apps to the iTunes App Store and develop an app maintenance plan insuring timely updates as new features are released or the operating system is updated.