Venture Technologists

Helping Startups at All Stages

For over twenty years our team has been involved in new product developments across the spectrum of software solutions including desktop, mobile and web applications. We have a proven track record of helping enterprises bring successful products to market, evolving ideas from the drawing board to product launch. We even have several of our own product initiatives at various stages of development.

An Experienced Product Team

We can’t overstate the need for a thorough survey and analysis of the market you plan to enter. While the business plan is clearly yours, our senior team will review and suggest areas requiring additional exploration and potential alternatives to defined revenue models. Together, we’ll create efficient, collaborative roadmaps to guide each product development, keeping future features and releases in mind.

Product requirements evolve from a clear understanding of the audience need, competitive landscape and product business goals. Our senior business specialists and engineers leverage years of experience to trade-off ideas and translate then into product specifications needed to execute within the available budget.

Accelerating Time to Market

Our systems approach, involving all key members of our multidisciplinary team, moves your ideas efficiently from the drawing board to successful launch. We believe the User Experience (UX) is most often the key to a successful, long-running product derived from goal-oriented requirements, target audience feedback, anticipated use cases and the most effective design paradigms. Rapid prototyping allows target users to experience a significant portion of the UX before valuable resources are expended.

Enterprise, Mobile, and Web Applications

Successful software products must be reliable and bulletproof. Our engineering team leverages robust in-house code libraries, developed from years to building enterprise, web and integrated native mobile app solutions. Our backend team utilizes their vast API experience to connect system and third-party components with outstanding user experiences produced by the web and native app teams.

Flexible Rate Structure

We believe in the products we build and vet business plans and management carefully before taking them on. Depending on the product, the management team, and the business model there are several approaches available to financing projects. We are open to partnerships and equity stakes if we believe the business case is sound. We will work with your team to understand and negotiate the win-win approach for your endeavor.