For nearly two decades, Hammerhead Off-Road has been a market pioneer and leader as a manufacturer of off-road performance vehicles, driven by a mission to provide the highest level product integrity, technical innovation and customer service to motorsport enthusiasts. Recognizing a need to supply quality Hammerhead performance and OEM replacement parts and accessories to the ever-expanding US market, Hammerhead Performance was founded in late 2007 to meet this growing demand.

Perigee Labs has been working with Hammerhead Performance since 2011 when we moved and updated their existing site to the latest Magento Community software platform. This effort was not without its complexities – the project included having to create several data migration paths in order to overcome Magento version incompatibilities, while maintaining store history and product data by writing custom SQL manipulations. The site also featured a custom Magento administrative plugin to handle a unique stock keeping methodology for Hammerhead Performance, which allow them to disassociate front end product stock keeping and supplier stocking.

Business has been good for Hammerhead, but they needed another visual refresh and a solid core update to keep everything up to date. The mobile marketplace was growing, and as an industry leader, Hammerhead Performance needed to improve their online representation in that space.


Teaming with Blue Sky Phoenix, our marketing and brand development partner, Perigee Labs set out to create a modernized front and back end featuring responsive mobile optimization to keep Hammerhead Performance’s eCommerce system ahead of the pack.

Visual Design

Hammerhead Performance has a brand that is well-known and highly respected in the industry, but they are not the type to rest at the top of the mountain. They wanted to make a strong statement that would resonate with the hard-working, hard-playing customers that came looking for performance parts for their machines. BlueSkyPhoenix provided a logo update, graphic elements, and an overall look & feel that embodies the spirit of these dirt warriors – DIY’ers who love their sport.

Magento eCommerce

Owned by eBay, Magento is a powerful yet cost-effective eCommerce platform, that allows business owners great flexibility in providing an outstanding online shopping experience. With it’s modern and robust open source technology architecture, it simply made sense to continue to power hammerheadperformance.com with Magento.

Responsive Web Design

When it comes to online sales, this quote is truth: “Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.*” More and more shoppers are buying using their mobile devices, and your eCommerce system must deliver a pain-free shopping experience if you want to maintain and expand your customer base. A responsive design allows for single-system management with a flexible layout that displays your content appropriately no matter the browsing device’s screen size – a must-have feature for online shopping systems in 2015.


Building upon a updated and solid framework theme, Perigee Labs created and delivered a fully responsive Magento refresh which has had a dramatic impact on customer accessibility and product sell-through. Serving as an dramatic example, site statistics show that customer visits from Apple iOS devices increased from under 3% of total traffic to 20% – clearly increasing customer satisfaction and accommodating their modern mobile preferences. Garrett of Hammerhead Performance summed up his experience working with the team:

“Again…I am truly amazed and awed every time I look at the website. I could not have pictured a better website or have come up with a better design even if I tried. All the small details you guys put in from the fonts, icons, color scheme, etc…works very well and is incredible.”

*Thanks, Mark Cuban!