Iron Bow Technologies


Iron Bow Technologies has earned the trust of hundreds of government and commercial customers by providing IT solutions that enable them to work faster and better. The company achieved this success by hiring the best people, investing in advanced knowledge and committing to a customer-first culture. With revenues approximating $750 million annually, Iron Bow consistently ranks each year as a solutions leader with media and industry.

As a technology-focused company, it’s critical that the Iron Bow brand reflects thought leadership and IT know-how in support of their company-wide business development and recruiting efforts.

The centerpiece of Iron Bow’s marketing communication portfolio,, was built on an aging Content Management System (CMS) platform within a rigid hosting environment, and the in-house marketing / communications team felt hampered by the lack of flexibility in presenting fresh, timely content. Additionally, it was understood by the team that optimizing the site for mobile devices would improve accessibility as well as convey technology leadership.


Perigee Labs was tasked with migrating the existing site to a new CMS with a responsive design, designed to handle great flexibility in content presentation along with a stable platform for future functional enhancements.  Additionally, Iron Bow had minor functional and visual design changes to the existing site that needed implementation.  A new hosting environment, configured by Perigee Labs, was also need to enhance site performance and better team access for site administration.

ExpressionEngine CMS

In order to provide a truly flexible platform for content publishing, Perigee Labs utilized ExpressionEngine CMS for the migration. Built on a 100% transparent open-source technology stack, ExpressionEngine allows for great customization and scalability, and offers a good number of professionally built and well-supported add-on modules through a committed development community.

Migration Support

Facilitating greater access and control of the hosting environment was a critical project deliverable for this engagement. Perigee Labs recommended a hosting solution that not only matched the necessary site specification and support requirements, but also went beyond compliance with Iron Bow’s stringent security standards. The Perigee Labs team spun up the necessary dev and production environments and was able to smoothly transition the site to it’s new home.

Responsive Web Design

Keeping on-point with current web-trends, Perigee Labs created a responsive design so that the new pages layouts would now adjust to display optimally whether the site was being browsed on a tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone. As part of the migration, the Perigee Labs team made some subtle design adjustments, not only to modernize the site user experience, but to facilitate consistency with other Iron Bow web properties and the stylings found across


Iron Bow Technologies is fortunate to have a talented (and substantial) marketing / communications team who already generate a rich array of impactful content, including video. With mobile optimization, Google Analytics, and rich content publishing flexibility in place, the new will prove to be a strong web platform that is adaptive in unison with the company’s future growth.